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Sign up for Patient Portal

If you recently visited a Lifeline provider and gave your email address to the front desk staff, you may have been automatically enrolled in the patient portal.

An email would have been sent to you from Lifeline Medical Associates with your temporary username, password, and security answer. Once you receive the email, go to www.NextMD.com and enter in the credentials under the “Log into Patient Portal” section.

If you did not receive this email, be sure to check your Spam or Junk folder for this message.

If you did not supply your email address to the front desk staff and would like to enroll in the patient portal, contact your office and ask for a token to sign up for the portal. Once you receive that token, go to www.nextmd.com and click on the CREATE ACCOUNT button to begin the enrollment process.

Reset your login

    1. Go to lma-llc.com and click on Patient Login
    2. Select the option that best fits your scenario

      a.       Click on “Forgot Username” to obtain your username

      b.      Click on “Forgot Password?” to obtain your password

      c.       Click on “I have my password reset token” if you called the office and they provided you a reset token

      d.      Click on “CREATE ACCOUNT” if you called the office requesting to be enrolled OR the office re-enrolled you

On the next page, you will be able to reset your credentials

Send a message to your provider or care team

You can send a non-urgent message to your provider team through the patient portal. If you receive a message to your portal, an email will be sent to you letting you know a new message can be reviewed on the portal.

  1. Click on the Mail tab and choose Compose Message
  2. Select the question Category (it’s OK to guess if you are not sure)
  3. Select your provider from the To drop down
  4. Type in the Subject of the message
  5. Type in your Message
  6. Click Submit to send the message




  1. View your lab results and medication list You can view and print your health records and lab results through the Patient Portal. A new request must be submitted for each record so that we can send the more recent information. Once your request is approved, you will receive an email notification.
    1. Click on the My Chart tab and choose Request Health Record
    2. Click Submit to send the record request (always do this before viewing your records to be sure you have the latest information)
    3. Wait for the email notification that your request has processed
    4. Click on the My Chart tab and choose View My Chart
    5. Use the links on the left side of the screen to navigate within your health record