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Women Living Well has been created as an organization that recognizes and appreciates the many facets involved in a woman’s life and what it takes to truly live well. Wellness and health involve not only our emotional and physical health, but it also involves the complexities of our home and works lives and the peculiarities of our family and friend relationships.

Our vision at Women Living Well is to live as we speak, to respect one another and the world around us, to “live well” and to provide compassionate and innovative care that helps women to truly live well.

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    Patient Reviews

    Overall patient rating for Women Living Well Obstetrics & Gynecology:

    OB Care

    Dr. Smith was amazing in her demeanor, professionalism and making me feel confident with every procedure she was doing

    Menopause Management / Education

    She was easy to talk to and very supportive and I appreciate that!

    OB Care

    Dr. Smith and Dr. Apel are both wonderful and made every appointment during pregnancy easy. The whole staff was very friendly and helpful!

    Obstetrical Appointment (routine)

    Dr. Smith provides excellent, informed care that is tailored to my needs

    OB Care

    Dr. Apel made my husband and I feel comfortable and safe as we entered active labor. We really appreciated her flexibility and holistic approach. She and her team, feel like family and we're so thankful to be under her care.

    Childbirth / Labor & Delivery

    I felt I was in such good care with Dr Apel. Her confidence and guidance helped me throughout my pregnancy and labor and delivery experience

    OB Care

    After a traumatic birth experience with my first baby (by another practice/physician), Dr. Smith made me feel so comfortable for my cesarean birth for baby #2. She listened to my concerns, encouraged me, and made the whole birth experience as comfortable as a cesarean birth can be. I am grateful for her compassion and for bringing my son into the world safely!

    OB Care

    Dr.Smith was knowledgeable, attentive, and she generally showed interest in me as her patient and my care.

    Obstetrical Appointment (routine)

    Dr. Apel spent plenty of time with me answering questions and explaining recommendations based on data. Was disappointed that she did not follow up on my mental health since I started treatment for prenatal depression back in the first trimester and escalated to medication in the third trimester. I’ve had to be the one to muster up the courage to say there’s been a problem and ask for help through this whole pregnancy. I was feeling better on my medication by the time I had my last appointment with Dr. Apel, but was surprised she didn’t ask about it.

    Gynecological Problem Visit

    Dr. Apel is always kind and gentle. She. Thoroughly explains everything during conversations and exams.