When you have been trying to get pregnant for a year or longer and have been unsuccessful, you may need to call a Lifeline Medical Associates provider for infertility services. If you are over 35, you will want to reach out after six months of trying to conceive without success.

Infertility can be the result of the female’s health issues, age, stress levels, excessive alcohol or tobacco use, or similar medical difficulties on the male’s part.

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When To Consult With an Infertility Specialist

You should also consult with an infertility specialist if you have experienced miscarriages or stillbirths. Although having a miscarriage does not necessarily cause infertility, the two could be connected in some situations. It’s best to consult a professional healthcare provider to determine the cause, especially if you’ve had more than one miscarriage.

Visiting an infertility specialist will help you understand more about the factors that could affect your ability to get pregnant. The physician will collect a medical and sexual history from you and your partner and then will do an evaluation that may include a health analysis of both partners’ reproductive systems.

The provider will determine how to treat the infertility based on:

  • The female’s age.
  • How long you have been trying to get pregnant.
  • Health factors that might be contributing to the infertility.
  • Your treatment preference, which will be determined after an in-depth discussion and review of the risks and benefits involved.

Treatment options can include surgery, medications, intrauterine insemination, or assisted reproductive technology. 

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If you are concerned about an infertility issue, start by making an appointment with your gynecologist. You may then be referred to a reproductive endocrinologist for further tests.

Qualified gynecology and infertility specialists, working together with other professional Lifeline Medical Associates healthcare providers, are here to help you and your partner.

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