Your health as a woman often depends on high-quality imaging technology, which enables your Lifeline Medical Associates healthcare provider to see what’s going on inside your body. Imaging for women is critical for detecting bone density, breast health, and even the health of your unborn baby.

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Imaging services

When you visit your physician, they may recommend that you have a screening that will include imaging for preventive health as well as to detect issues that may affect you at different stages of your life. Imaging services can include:

  • Mammograms – performed for routine breast screening as well to better see the cause of certain concerns that you or your physician may have.
  • MRIs – occasionally used after a mammogram to further diagnose issues. The MRI gives your physician a higher resolution image from a number of different angles.
  • Ultrasounds – sound waves that will help your healthcare provider see images of your internal organs and tissues. Ultrasounds are also used to monitor the growth and health of your unborn baby.
  • Bone density screenings – detects the amount of calcium and the strength of your bones, which is particularly important for you as a woman. Bone density screenings can help detect the presence of osteoporosis so it can be treated early enough to keep you from fracturing bones. These screenings are usually recommended for women over the age of 65.
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The latest in imaging technology enables your healthcare provider to make an accurate diagnosis and give you the quality care you need at every stage in your life.

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