Associates in Women’s Healthcare

Since 1973 the providers at Associates in Women’s Healthcare have been at the forefront of women’s wellness. The practice
has steadily grown and now includes five physicians and two nurse practitioners that have trained in some of the nation’s best
academic centers. The success of the practice has grown one patient at a time and the same patient centered philosophy that
launched the practice continues today. We are sensitive to the unique relationship between a woman and her OB/GYN provider
and value the special trust that our patients have placed in us.

In 2013 we joined with over 100 like-minded OB/GYN specialists from across New Jersey to become a proud member of Lifeline
Medical Associates. This organization is uniquely positioned to change the face of women’s healthcare. Through its focus on
providing women with the best possible care at the lowest possible cost, the providers of Lifeline Medical Associates have
raised the bar for women’s healthcare in New Jersey.